Monday, October 31, 2011

Obedience Is Our Problem

Voters To Decide If A Fertilized Egg Is A Person In Mississippi

Voters To Decide If A Fertilized Egg Is A Person In Mississippi: "There are distinct advantages to allowing the public to cast ballots on a variety of issues that impact society and the well-being of individuals in that society. Conversely, there are issues that affect personal choice and rights of individuals that do not fall into the purview of the public regardless of public opinion on ethical or morality issues. Americans are facing an alarming ascendance of fundamentalist Christians who are using the ballot box to impose their religious beliefs on the entire population without regard for contrary opinions, personal choice, or the Constitution’s guarantee of the pursuit of happiness, and the goal is a theocratic government controlled by evangelical Christians and the Catholic Church...."

Why Do You Hate Me So?

Carlin On Conservatives: 'If You're Preborn, You're Fine. If You're PreSchool, You're F-cked.'