Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Obama on Christianity

I'm Pro Life

One Is A Religious Fanatic...

You’re an Adult, Learn How to Tip!

You’re an Adult, Learn How to Tip!

Feds Arrest Rich Lady - Paid Servant 85 Cents An Hour

Christians Have the Right to Bully Gay Kids

Something like this is COMPLETELY unacceptable!

...And I Suppose?

The hypocrisy of “paying for other people”

The hypocrisy of “paying for other people”: "I am fed up. Truly, deeply fed up. I’m fed up with the arrogance and hypocrisy of the fools who think there’s honestly any reason to oppose women’s free access to birth control other than to eliminate our ability to determine our own destinies. And so I’m about to say something uncharacteristically angry. I don’t apologize for it and I offer no overtures of respect for the Right Wing zealots who think they hold the moral high ground on this issue. Shame on you, America, for your failure to recognize your female population as a group of citizens with the right to self-determination. Shame on you for tolerating blowhards and pompous dictators with crosses on their chests...."

Monday, March 5, 2012

Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth

Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth: "WASHINGTON—As Rick Santorum has emerged to become Mitt Romney's leading opponent for the Republican presidential nomination, the American electorate said Monday it had slowly begun to realize that the former Pennsylvania senator sincerely believes every deranged word that exits his mouth.

Uneasy voters told reporters it was becoming more and more evident that comments from Santorum defending sodomy laws as acceptable restrictions on "wants and passions" and characterizing pregnancy occurring through rape as a "gift" from God were not politically calculated but were, in fact, spoken out of sincere, startling conviction...."

How a Student Run Database is Changing the Way Universities Respond to Rape

How a Student Run Database is Changing the Way Universities Respond to Rape: "Justice for survivors of campus rape is often hard to come by. Now, an online database compiled by students is pushing universities to shift their policies on sexual violence.

Is there at least one full-time person working on campus sex-assault? May rape survivors report their attack confidentially and-or anonymously? Does the school's policy cover the sex assault of a man? Is emergency contraception available in the school health center?

These are the questions that students across the country are answering through the Campus Accountability Project, an open-access database designed for students, applicants and parents...."

The US schools with their own police

The US schools with their own police: "More and more US schools have police patrolling the corridors. Pupils are being arrested for throwing paper planes and failing to pick up crumbs from the canteen floor. Why is the state criminalising normal childhood behaviour?

The charge on the police docket was "disrupting class". But that's not how 12-year-old Sarah Bustamantes saw her arrest for spraying two bursts of perfume on her neck in class because other children were bullying her with taunts of "you smell".

"I'm weird. Other kids don't like me," said Sarah, who has been diagnosed with attention-deficit and bipolar disorders and who is conscious of being overweight. "They were saying a lot of rude things to me. Just picking on me. So I sprayed myself with perfume. Then they said: 'Put that away, that's the most terrible smell I've ever smelled.' Then the teacher called the police."

The policeman didn't have far to come. He patrols the corridors of Sarah's school, Fulmore Middle in Austin, Texas. Like hundreds of schools in the state, and across large parts of the rest of the US, Fulmore Middle has its own police force with officers in uniform who carry guns to keep order in the canteens, playgrounds and lessons. Sarah was taken from class, charged with a criminal misdemeanour and ordered to appear in court...."

Why Teaching People to Think for Themselves Is Repugnant to Religious Zealots and Rick Santorum

Why Teaching People to Think for Themselves Is Repugnant to Religious Zealots and Rick Santorum: "Democracy cannot function without an informed citizenry, and an ignorant public is just what Santorum and his allies count on.

Right-wing fundamentalists such as Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum hate public schools, which he suggests are government schools wedded to doing the work of Satan, dressed up in the garb of the Enlightenment. Santorum, true to his love affair with the very secular ideology of privatization, prefers home schooling, which is code for people taking responsibility for whatever social issues or problems they may face, whether it be finding the best education for their children or securing decent health care...."

Corporations Are People

State budget cuts hit small-town Ohio

State budget cuts hit small-town Ohio: "Residents in Uniopolis wanted a balanced budget, and voted in Republican Gov. John Kasich to get the job done. But now the village is facing disincorporation because it can't stay afloat.

Reporting from Uniopolis, Ohio—
Residents here were all for balancing Ohio's budget. They didn't expect that to mean their town would cease to exist.

This small village of low-slung houses and squeaky swing sets in western Ohio's farm country has already laid off its part-time police officer and decided not to replace its maintenance worker, who recently retired. To save cash, Mayor William Rolston will propose Monday that the town turn off the street lights, and that Uniopolis disincorporate after more than a century in existence...."

Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France

Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France: "There is a simple reason health care in the United States costs more than it does anywhere else: The prices are higher.

That may sound obvious. But it is, in fact, key to understanding one of the most pressing problems facing our economy. In 2009, Americans spent $7,960 per person on health care. Our neighbors in Canada spent $4,808. The Germans spent $4,218. The French, $3,978. If we had the per-person costs of any of those countries, America’s deficits would vanish. Workers would have much more money in their pockets. Our economy would grow more quickly, as our exports would be more competitive....."

Who's The Prostitute Now, Bitch?

Rape Culture

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Was At a Peaceful Rally

Homemade Bread Update

Putting a tablespoon of honey and 1/4 tsp of ginger in my bread kept it from molding(at least before I finished eating all of it). I had the loaf in my fridge for almost a week wrapped in Saran wrap and it kept really well!

Motivated In Ohio: Daily Kos: Gov. Kasich to Tornado-Stricken Clermon...

Motivated In Ohio: Daily Kos: Gov. Kasich to Tornado-Stricken Clermon...: Daily Kos: Gov. Kasich to Tornado-Stricken Clermont County: Drop Dead : by Living in Gin You'd think we would've stopped being surprised ...

Don't Stop Abortion

Fox News Crops Out Comedy From Catholicism Satire?

ACTA in UK: 10 years in jail for a download?

F29 Matt Taibbi on Bank of America | Occupy Wall Street Video

If I Wanted The Government In My Womb...

Woman Who Use Birth Control

To bomb or not to bomb? US schizo over Iran attack