Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Tread on Sarah Palin and Conservatism

This is just too funny, but Weird Liberal Head makes a lot of good points!

Motivated In Ohio: Tax Breaks and Tax Loopholes--Think Progress

Motivated In Ohio: Tax Breaks and Tax Loopholes--Think Progress

Why Google Earth Can't Show You Israel

Why Google Earth Can't Show You Israel - Mother Jones

This is kinda crazy. You also can't do a street view on Google Maps either (I checked). I wonder what they have to hide if they're being like this. I'm actually getting kind of tired of catering to a country who's acting this way. If they want peace they're going to have to work  with the Palestines to achieve it. Not just sit there and do whatever they want. Oh and lets not forget about them killing innocent protesters.

Wall Street's Latest Manufactured Outrage

Wall Street's Latest Manufactured Outrage - Mother Jones

Cenk on The Rachel Maddow Show - GOP Privatizing Social Security?

Apparently they didn't learn this lesson when Bush tried to do it. But then again, they never learn anything.

The Book of Cletis: I Love Dolphins by Grumbleweed

The Book of Cletis: I Love Dolphins by Grumbleweed

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lawrence Answers Trump's Letter

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Chimp Attack Victim's Face 'Looks Fantastic' After Historic Transplant

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wolf Propaganda

Wolf Propaganda is on at 6 tonight. The guy that runs it is the teenager in a lot of the videos I post. It's really good. You can either connect with Google, OpenID and a few other sites like Facebook & Twitter. Everyone should stop by for a visit if they get the chance.

Anti-Muslim Comments On Glenn Beck By Herman Cain

We don't need someone like this in office. What an idiot.

I'm planing on having a piece on stereotypes next week so I'll be ranting more on this subject later.

Thom Hartmann: Working for the Government IS a Real Job

Dear GOP,

You need to get your heads out of your arses and just help us instead of dicking around with our economy. Reagan, Ayn Rand and the Bush's were idiots. We need a New Deal like what FDR did.

♥ Underground


*Vulgar Language Warning*

I'm to the point where people who think that the Bush tax cuts work need to get their head checked.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thom Hartmann: Kids Say the Darndest Things - About Bush & Cheney


Facebook & Twitter

Over at Motivated In Ohio's discussion topic today people were wondering if we could start doing stuff on Facebook and I was able to do that today. I created a Like page, you can view that page if you click my name that's directly on the right of your screen in the black box. This page is different from an actual Facebook profile because people don't add me. They just like the page and follow what's going on so you can't add friends. But people can comment on your page and everything. I can also create events to help spread the word of the type of events people were talking about today. If this is what people had in mind please let me know. If it wasn't we can go a different route with the whole Facebook thing because it's not that hard to delete it and do something different.

If anyone has any questions about the types of things we can do on Facebook please let me know, I'm pretty good with it. But don't ask me any Twitter questions because I don't tweet. But if we wanted to do Twitter I'm sure I could figure it out.

Update: I made a Twitter account too. There is also a link for that directly to the left


An Extraordinarily Unfair Budget

I was one of those 9 million college students affected by that $5.7 billion cut. I didn't lose all of my money but I did lose over $2,000 for my last semester of undergraduate studies. Yey for me :|

Thom Hartmann: What America Has Given Up For 10 Years of Bush Tax Cuts

The Wall Street bailout was a bad idea. And it was a bad idea because we didn't hold them accountable. We should of let other banks step up to the plate.

10th Anniversary of Bush Tax Cuts (Analysis)


*Vulgar Language Warning*

EvelJustin's show is on tonight at 6! If you get a chance to listen in that would be awesome!


I just added it to my profile. So everyone will have to bear with me while I get it figured out. It's still being a pain with the comment load time but hopefully that will eventually get better.

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ps Thanks for help Mio!

Healthcare Rally

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Silly of Me

The radical right applies to two groups; Christians and the GOP. And they're all driving me nuts. But then again most radicals are involved in both groups. And anyone who's against them is drinking the Obama cool-aid. Seriously? Is that the best you can come up with? Most people who follow Obama are for helping people and all of a sudden that's a bad thing? Are you kidding me? Isn't that was Jesus was all for but all of a sudden the government shouldn't do it? Oh yeah, I forgot, Obama's a 'Muslim' so he can't be for that. How silly of me.

But are you trying to tell me that there's enough rich churches out there that can provide food stamps, section 8 housing, insurance for the millions that have no insurance and countless other services? I find that hard to believe. They'd run out of money so fast their heads would spin. Seeing as the top 20% of this country owns 93% of the wealth there's no way they'd have enough money. So one would think that raising taxes would be a good idea so that the government could pay for these services. Oh yeah, I forgot, raising taxes on the rich is a bad idea because they're the 'job makers' in this country. How silly of me.

I'm so tired of these trolls. None of them can every back their arguments up, ever. It's so pathetic. And they just continue to spout off whatever they heard on Faux News. Oh yeah, I forgot, they're a 'reliable' news source and they'd never lie about anything. How silly of me.

Apparently the debt is all Obama's fault. Found that out today too. And the people who follow him will get the 'grief' they're due from following him because he's causing so much of it apparently? He's caused me so much 'grief' I'm quaking in my boots. But some how the debt isn't Bush's fault at all even though he caused millions of people a lot more grief that Obama has. Oh yeah, I forgot, Bush is the 'golden child' and wouldn't of ever done anything like that. How silly of me.

And then there's the Affordable Healthcare Act. Apparently that's a bad thing too. They seem to forget how awesome our current system is:
     You have to love watching sick people in big cities who don't have health insurance get discharged from the hospital before they're treated. Or be stuck in the ER for a week before the hospital will bother to admit them.
     And there's the health insurance companies who refuse to pay for stuff too that would save someones life. And they use the stupidest reasons to drop someone from their policy just so that they don't have to pay for whatever procedure that person needed done. And I know a little girl with Downs Syndrome that wouldn't have health insurance if it wasn't for the government. If the government doesn't step in and fix it who will? How are people supposed to be able to stand up to insurance companies to get the coverage that they need for preexisting conditions if the government won't do it?
     Why do so many Americans leave the country to get health procedures done in India or Costa Rica? It's because healthcare is cheaper over there and they still get the same quality of care. And with so much money being cut to free healthcare clinics where are people supposed to go? Why does the US have the highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation even though we have the best medical infrastructure in the world? Why do people in our country live shorter lives than the people in other industrialized nations? Why does the US rank 37th in healthcare out of 190 nations? Why does an inhaler cost $0.05 in Cuba but cost $120 in America?

So why shouldn't the government do it? Oh yeah, I forgot, it's called 'socialism' and it will 'enslave us all'. How silly of me.

"OOPS! Did my sarcasm hurt your feelings? Get over it."
~Author Unknown

    Patriotic Millionaires - Raise Our Taxes!

    Thom Hartmann: Republicans Have Sent Out a Ransom Letter

    The US doesn't negotiate with terrorists, so we shouldn't negotiate with the GOP either. Because that is what they're turning into, terrorists against the Middle Class & the poor.

    Man Arrested For Paying With Pennies

    That's crazy. He paid his bill, isn't that what matters?

    Cry Me a River

    LA GOP Rep Defends Bill Banning Abortion, Compares Women Seeking Abortions To Heroin Addicts

    LA GOP Rep Defends Bill Banning Abortion, Compares Women Seeking Abortions To Heroin Addicts - Think Progress

    Apparently women are junkies now when it comes to abortions.

    Oh and if Labruzzo thinks poor women should be sterilized, he should have to go through the same exact thing. And why does it have to be women? Why not men? I don't agree with any of these measures, I'm just tired of chauvinistic pigs being sexist.

    And banning birth control is a very very very bad idea. Some women need to be on it for medical reasons, not just for preventing pregnancies.

    Shot Heard Around the World

    Dear Palin,
    You should go back to school and have some students explain to you what actually happened since you seem to be confused. Or watch this School House Rock video of it. Maybe you'll understand it then since it has pretty pictures.

    ~Underground Politics

    ps Your an embarrassment to women & Americans

    EthikoPolitike: Did Paul Revere Warn the British?

    EthikoPolitike: Did Paul Revere Warn the British?

    GOP Can’t Handle The Truth: Taxes Are Lower Under Obama Than Reagan

    GOP Can’t Handle The Truth: Taxes Are Lower Under Obama Than Reagan - Think Progress

    It's not something to be proud of GOP. We have a revenue problem and a spending problem (I only say that because of how much we spend on defense, I'm all for helping the poor). If we were able to bring in more money, we wouldn't be having the problems we're facing today. And you guys don't like the president because he doesn't respect you? Well you don't respect him and how you behaved during the meeting made that evident. It also made it evident that you think the middle class are parasites and that your all for corporate welfare.

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Some Schools Not Allowed to Flunk Out

    Some Schools Not Allowed to Flunk Out - Ohio

    Close them down if they're not performing! They shouldn't get a special exemption just because they're a private school! I'm tired of companies in the private sector getting free passes while companies in the private sector are getting torn apart!

    Rep Tim Ryan Hammering Republicans on Medicare on the Floor

    June 6 SB5 Update

    Michele Bachmann Said What!?

    Michele Bachmann Said What!? - Mother Jones

    She's an embarrassment to women :|

    Nancy Pelosi Calls for Ethics Investigation of Anthony Weiner After Congressman Admits Photo Was Him

    Nancy Pelosi Calls for Ethics Investigation of Anthony Weiner After Congressman Admits Photo Was Him - CBS

    Dang it Weiner, I really wish you hadn't of done what you did. If your wife leaves you I don't blame her. I do thank you for standing up for the middle class but I wish that you hadn't disgraced yourself in such a way. I'm very disappointed.

    Wolf Propaganda

    EvelJustin is streaming live right now. If you want to join in click here. Or you can join in below.

    Free Videos by Ustream.TV

    Bill O'Reilly Fails at Science and Becomes a Meme - You Can't Explain That!

    Bill O'Reilly Fails at Science and Becomes a Meme - You Can't Explain That!

    I'm pretty sure it can all be explained scientifically you pinhead. Maybe you should go back to a high school science class and have some teenagers explain to you how all of this works seeing as you don't understand it.

    Price-Gun-Wielding Maniac Riddles Supermarket With Savings

    Price-Gun-Wielding Maniac Riddles Supermarket With Savings - The Onion

    It would be awesome if someone actually went around doing this! ♥


    I wonder how is presidential election will go with everyone Googling his name and seeing that interesting definition of it when they're trying to get information on him.

    Do not Google it if you don't like funny/gross stuff.

    Thom Hartmann: Does Obama Have a Secret Weapon in the Debt Ceiling Debate?

    Capitalism Has Failed America

    *Vulgar Language Warning*

    This kid is pretty amazing.

    Oh and his radio show starts tonight at 6:

    Boehner's 150 Economists Lie Exposed

    What an idiot. And if you want to blame someone blame Bush and the GOP for getting us into this situation.

    Motivated In Ohio: Democrats Break Down Impact Of GOP Medicare Plan D...

    Motivated In Ohio: Democrats Break Down Impact Of GOP Medicare Plan District by District | TPMDC