Saturday, May 21, 2011

Believe Me, It's Torture

Believe Me, It's Torture - Vanity Fair

Watch Christopher Hitchens Get Waterboarded

I had someone tell me today that waterboarding is torture. And that we should of put Bin Laden on trial and that we should of asked permission to go into Pakistan. Seriously? McCain himself said that waterboarding is torture and I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about. I don't think that putting Bin Laden on trial would of been a good idea. And we don't know if Pakistan knew Bin Laden was there seeing as he was there for 5-6 years. Plus Obama said that he'd go into Pakistan and take him out if he had the opportunity.

Weekly Address: Replacing "No Child Left Behind" This Year

What’s Driving Projected Debt?

What’s Driving Projected Debt? - Off the Charts

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dear Cancer Letters

Dear Cancer - Varian

This site will donate $50 for every letter written to the American Cancer Society for cancer research. Help spread the word.

E-Trade Baby Loses Everything

Patriot Act Extended For 4 Years

Yey, I get to have my rights violated for another four years.

Motivated In Ohio: Thom Hartmann: Indiana Guts the 4th Amendment...What Gives?

Motivated In Ohio: Thom Hartmann: Indiana Guts the 4th Amendment...What Gives?

This is just crazy. Apparently this country is turning into a dictatorship and the people don't have any rights anymore.

Ron Paul's 15 Most Extreme Positions

Ron Paul's 15 Most Extreme Positions - Mother Jones

I think the country would implode if he actually managed to become president and did all of this stuff. I wonder how he would feel if he had a disabled child and they got treated like dirt by the markets if we didn't have equality among the disabled. I wonder how he would feel if his skin was a different color and he got treated like dirt. And legalizing all drugs is just crazy.

Taxing the Rich

Taxing the Rich - Mother Jones

Income Equality & Inequality Evidense

The Evidense In Detail - Equality Trust

This website is dedicated to researching income equality and inequality between different countries. They published a book The Spirit Level that explains how income inequality adversely effects countries, especially America.

Harold Camping: The Man Behind 'Judgement Day,' May 21, 2011

Harold Camping: The Man Behind 'Judgement Day,' May 21, 2011 - Huffington Post

I love how there's Christians out there who think they know when the world is going to end even though Jesus said that no one will know but his Father. So logically, it can't be Saturday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Republican definition from Urban Dictionary

1. People who usurp their own religious beliefs to defend their policies. Which is a sin.

2. People who wish to force their religion upon others while stimultaneously not living up to their religion's expectations. Which, according to Jesus, is a sin.

3. People who support war and then use "thou shalt not kill" as a reason against abortions.

4. People who say they are for less government controll over the individual, and then enforce the PATRIOT ACT, the sanctity of marriage amendment, and other civilian intrusions.

5. People who lower taxes for the wealthiest one percent.

6. People who get in to office thanks to the less educated population states. (A proven fact)

7. People who accuse Democrats of being spendthrifts while bankrupting our economy.

8. People who work for their self interests, and the interests of their campaign funders and benifactors, while in office. (Well, Democrats are infamous for that as well.)

9. A party that once was good, but then the southern influence came in.

10. People who accuse Liberals of being whiners while bitching about: Gay People, Public Displays of the Ten Commandments, and Civil Rights.

11. The antithesis of progress


Democrat definition from Urban Dictionary

1. One belonging to the United States Democratic Party

2. Tend to believe that government should come to the aid the most disadvantaged in society (see Unemployment Insurance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security). We don't bring it up much, but it's what Jesus taught.

3. Belive in the separation of church and state, on the off-chance that not everyone in America is a Southern Baptist.

4. Doesn't believe that industries have the unfettered right to dump carcinogens into our water supplies. Also believe in protecting public health and worker safety.

5. Believe in strengthening public education, rather than gutting it with vouchers.

6. Belive in civil liberties and equal rights for all people, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation; a Democratic President pushed through the Civil Rights Act even though it meant losing half of his party. That half, comprising mostly of racist whites, now overwhelmingly votes Republican.

7. Most have actually read the 9th amendment. Can also spell "amendment."

8. Represent broadest spectrum of the American public: women, blacks, Latinos, gays, Jews, seculars, immigrants, union workers, and yes, also straight middle-class white male Protestants like me.

Glass Houses

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

What a bunch of hypocrites. Those who build glass houses should not throw stones.

Foxconn workers sign ‘no suicide’ pledge

Foxconn Workers Sign ‘No Suicide’ Pledge - Digital Trends

This is the company Apple gets a lot of it's hardware from. And you know, there's so many people out there who say corporations go over seas because of cheap labor. I think it's that and the fact that worker regulation is so lax over there which creates really crappy working environments. How many corporate buildings in the US have to put nets in between them so that their workers won't jump off of them to kill themselves? And I've never heard of a US worker having to sign a No Suicide pledge.

Fossil Fuels: A Legacy of Disaster

Fossil Fuels: A Legacy of Disaster - American Progress

More U.S. Oil Drilling Won't Lower Gas Prices, Experts Say

More U.S. Oil Drilling Won't Lower Gas Prices, Experts Say - Huffington Post

Dirty Money

Dirty Energy Money is one of those sites that makes your eyes pop out of your head. It's amazing how much money from energy companies gets put into congress.

SMART & Pell Grants

I would like to thank whomever decided to cut SMART grants for college. You just cost me $2,000 in grant money per semester. On top of cutting Pell grant funds. Thank you oh so much!  </3

Motivated In Ohio: Bashing Bible bashers

Motivated In Ohio: Bashing Bible bashers

This is a pretty awesome scene.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr on Extremism

This is a pretty awesome video.

Motivated In Ohio: Democracy for Sale?

Motivated In Ohio: Democracy for Sale?

Fewer Emergency Rooms Available as Need Rises

Fewer Emergency Rooms Available as Need Rises - NY Times

Too many people without jobs and without health insurance.

The Cancer Risk Lurking in Your Drinking Water

The Cancer Risk Lurking in Your Drinking Water - The Daily Green

Health Effects of Chlorine in Drinking Water - Pure Earth

And this would be why I love well water. City water gives me an upset stomach. Plus it smells and tastes like a damn pool </3

Cat on Boat Plays with Dolphins

This is a really cute video :]

New York Investigates Banks’ Role in Financial Crisis

New York Investigates Banks’ Role in Financial Crisis - NYTimes

Well I guess this is better late than never but it would of been nice if this investigation would of happened sooner. A lot sooner. Like before we pumped millions if not billions into them in TARP money.

Mitch Daniels, Welcome to the Man Cave

Rachel Maddow on Planned Parenthood
"'Every 3,000 miles, you know what I'm talking about, right? Every 3,000 miles, oil change. Every 6,000 miles, rotate your tires. At a certain number of miles, you check the brakes, you check the differential maybe the spark plugs you can check at home depending on your skill level.

'But when it comes to getting an alignment, rebalancing your wheels and all that stuff, basically speaking, you take it in. Not because there's anything wrong with your vehicle, fellows. It's just preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance, Planned Parenthood Oil change, breast exam. Rotate your tires -- can I say pap smears on TV?

'Imagine that Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana is the fleet manager of, say, 9,000 cars in the state of Indiana. And he's just decided that those cars -- no more oil changes, no more checking the spark plugs, no more tire rotations, no more preventive maintenance.

'There are more than 9,000 people in Indiana whose health insurance is Medicaid, and who get their preventive care, who get their 3,000-mile check ups at Planned Parenthood.

'Because Mitch Daniels can mess with that as a governor and because he wants social conservatives to like him for president, those 9,000 Indiana patients have just been cut off from their preventive care. Breast exams, STD screenings, pap smears, birth control, all of it. This is not about abortion. There's not any public funding for abortion. It's not about cutting off abortion services in Indiana.

'This is about cutting off the proverbial oil changes, preventive care. If you want to be irresponsible with your vehicle, if you want to be penny wise and pound foolish, you stop going to Jiffy Lube, stop doing any preventive maintenance on your car. When your car inevitably breaks down, you will know why it happened.'"

Mitch Daniels, Welcome to the Man Cave - Maddow Blog

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weiner to GOP : Stop Your Whining

There Is No Deficit Crisis

*Vulgar Language Warning*

This kid is pretty awesome. We need a lot more people like him.

Survey: Massive Lobbyist Power After Citizens United

We do need a revolution. Big time.

Catholics Call Out Boehner

Well it's about time he got called out on being two faced and hypocritical.

The Man Behind Citizens United Is Just Getting Started

The Man Behind Citizens United Is Just Getting Started - Mother Jones

This guy just looks creepy. And it's We The People!

The GOP's Super-Duper PAC

The GOP's Super-Duper PAC - Mother Jones

It's supposed to be We The People not We The Corporations! We really need to put the muzzle back on them!

Anthony Weiner Reads From 'House Mouse Senate Mouse' Children's Book

While John Kasich Cuts Education And Children’s Health Funds, He Spends Millions On Casino Consultants

While John Kasich Cuts Education And Children’s Health Funds, He Spends Millions On Casino Consultants - Think Progress

Kasich really need recalled. I'm sure he could of found someone who didn't cost $200,000 a month for consulting services.

Title X-Supported Family Planning Services Nationally and in Each State

Title X-Supported Family Planning Services Nationally and in Each State - Guttmacher Institute

This article explains what would happen if we cut finding to Planned Parenthood.

How We View College: Overpriced, Unaffordable but Worth It

How we view college: Overpriced, Unaffordable but Worth It - MSNBC

I pretty much feel the same way.

Motivated In Ohio: Thom Hartmann: Our biggest threat is not Al Qaeda,...

Motivated In Ohio: Thom Hartmann: Our biggest threat is not Al Qaeda, debt, illegal immigration or taxes

"It's called The American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it."
George Carlin

Is May 21, 2011 “Judgment Day”?

Is May 21, 2011 “Judgment Day”? - The Real Truth

There's this church group going around saying that May 21, 2011 is going to be judgement day and that October will be the end of the world. The link above disproves their theory with bible versus. I really just find it interesting that people are trying to predict when Jesus will come back even though the bible says no man will know when that's going to happen. I also find it interesting that a lot pf people think we're in the end times, but we've been in the end times since Jesus went back to heaven. And then there's people who think Obama's the antichrist. Which I think is just crazy. If we survived Hitler, that probably means the antichrist will be worse than Hitler and I don't see Obama doing that. Plus if we survived two world wars we can survive just about anything.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ryan's $34 Trillion Tax Folly

Ryan's $34 Trillion Tax Folly - David Cay Johnston

I'm at a loss for words on this one.

What Has Obama Done so Far

*Vulgar Language Warning*
What the F*#k Has Obama Done So Far

Pretty awesome site.

The Tea Party Wants to Teach Your Kids About the Constitution

The Tea Party Wants to Teach Your Kids About the Constitution - Mother Jones

If this is what the Tea Party is doing I'm glad I don't have kids right now. I don't want a bunch of crazy people who aren't teachers try to teach my kid about the constitution. But then again, if you raise your kids to question everything like how my father raised me maybe it wouldn't be so bad. At least I hope not. Although everyone really needs to question the BS these days and not allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes.

Welcome to the McJobs Recovery

Welcome to the McJobs Recovery - Mother Jones

It would be nice if more companies would do this. It would also be nice if they paid better. But getting paid some is better than not at all I suppose. We just really need industries to come back to America. I hope some day that it will happen but things aren't looking so good right now.

GOP Loves Big Oil Handouts

Motivated In Ohio: Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out of Canada

Motivated In Ohio: Fox News' Lies Keep Them Out of Canada: "Canada has a few rules on it's journalism, such as they need to tell the truth."

Common Performs at the White House

Question Everything


I finally watched Michael Moore's Sicko documentary. I know that it's been out for a few years, but if you haven't seen it I'd really encourage you too. It's amazing how much happens to the sick and the poor in this country whether you have health insurance or not.

I have experienced some of the stuff that Moore talked about in this documentary from working in the medical field but I now know that was just the tip of the iceberg. I never knew that some health insurances were so extreme at times that they only let you go to certain hospitals. Even if you have a life threatening condition that needs immediate treatment. Because it shouldn't matter. It shouldn't ever matter but we've let them get away with it. And now they can tell us where to go when we get sick.

There was a part in the documentary where a hospital was discharging patients because they were 'medically stable' but couldn't pay their bills because they didn't have health insurance. Either that or it was maxed out. The bad part about it was that they'd shove these people in a cab and have them dropped off at a homeless shelter. I have experienced people being discharged before the underlying problem was taken care of. I never took them to a homeless shelter, but I did drop them off at a nursing home only to see them have to be transferred back to the hospital 10 minutes later.

A man that was a former member of the British parliament had said this during his interview with Moore:

"If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people."

I totally agree with this statement 100%. If a country can find money to fund wars than they can find it to help people. Plus once everyone's healthcare is on the same level healthcare costs will go down. Another thing America is good at is rebuilding other countries before we rebuild ours. How can we help others before helping our own? In Britain people don't have hospital bills unlike America. Because it's all paid for by the government. I'm sure there's plenty of Americans who wished it was the same way over here.

We also take better care of the terrorists we keep at Guantanamo when it came to health care than our own people. It's probably the only place on American soil where there is actual universal healthcare and preventative medicine.

I find that really crazy and sad. If we implemented preventative medicine more in the states I wonder how many deaths and sickness would of never happened. Bottom line, we also need to implement universal healthcare and not let it get revoked by the GOP.

Moore had taken people there that had needed healthcare for illnesses sustained from 9/11 and a few other people who just needed help but couldn't find it in the US. They were able to receive that help finally in Cuba at no cost that I know of. One woman was able to get an the same inhaler with the same type of medicine that costs $0.05 in Cuba but in America it's $120. Mind you Cuba's a third world country and they still take better care of their people than we do. It's also hard to believe that drug costs aren't the same between countries. But then again America is full of full profit corporations that just want to squeeze money out of the poor until there's nothing left.

This video is Anthony Weiner from NY ripping the GOP a new one over the 9/11 healthcare bill before it finally passed:

The 9/11 workers just recently were able to get the money for the healthcare that they need but now they have to jump through even more hoops to get it. This is because someone from the GOP decided that they should be checked to make sure that they're not a terrorist before they receive healthcare. Mind you no one else in this country has to do something like this to receive government assistance.

I really wish there was a bigger public outcry over these issues. We really need to change how we take care of ourselves and our own before it's too late.