Thursday, August 4, 2011

O’Reilly Blames Women’s Health Care ‘Breast Feeding Stuff’ For High Unemployment

O’Reilly Blames Women’s Health Care ‘Breast Feeding Stuff’ For High Unemployment: "Fox host Bill O’Reilly has worked himself into a lather over the Obama administration’s recent decision to require new health insurance plans to cover birth control without co-pays. Last week he declared that women don’t deserve government subsidized birth control because they’re too “blasted out of their minds” during sex to use it. Yesterday during [...]"

O'Reilly, you're a sexist asshat and a chauvinistic pig! And you apparently don't know how a woman's birth control works either you bigot!


MotivatedinOhio said...

Was O'reilly's mother blasted out of her mind, since he is here.  That guy is a pig.  No other word for it.  He is part of what is wrong in America today.  A prostate exam, is supposed to be covered, but a pap test no.  How much will it cost these businesses in lost revenue if a valuable employee has an unintended pregnancy.

Why is a woman's health matter not important?  These people sicken me.  

Underground Politics said...

She must of been to have someone as screwed up as him. He is part of what's wrong in America. I keep hearing this type of mentality and it's really pissing me off. It's just another way for these people to put women down.

And I have no idea why it's not important to a lot of people. And women who put other women down over these issues sicken me even more than the men.