Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NYPD ‘Loses’ the Occupy Wall Street Wikileaks Truck

NYPD ‘Loses’ the Occupy Wall Street Wikileaks Truck: "Life can be difficult when your vehicle has a huge Wikileaks logo and "Top Secret Mobile Collection Unit" emblazoned on the side. An artist's Wikileaks-themed U-Haul truck is missing after being confiscated by the NYPD.

The Wikileaks truck has been a fixture at Manhattan's Occupy Wall Street protest since day one, provoking puzzled reactions from media, cops and tourists alike. Unfortunately, Julian Assange hasn't been secretly crashing in the flatbed; it's a project by New York-based artist/activist Clark Stoeckley. Stoeckley says he has no connection to the Wikileaks folks. He's been driving the thing around the country since March, filming his exploits, and for most of the past two months it's been parked down at Zuccotti Park, where it sheltered him and fellow occupiers....."


MotivatedinOhio said...

They put it in solitary.  Isn't that what they do with Wikileaks.

Underground Politics said...

Yeah pretty much.