Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gay Group Works Against Equal Rights By Supporting Michele Bachmann

Gay Group Works Against Equal Rights By Supporting Michele Bachmann: "Politics in America is based on alliances between similar-thinking groups that work toward a common goal, and with a two-party system it is a crucial aspect to govern and win elections. There are times though, when a particular special interest group makes alliances with the major party that has no interest in promoting their cause, and in some cases, is the antithesis of the special interest and seeks to eliminate their influence as soon as they are in power. It is becoming normal for Republicans to give lip service to special interest groups during campaigns only to reverse their position when they no longer need their support. However, it is curious why a special interest group supports a party that opposes them as a matter-of-course and is a reminder that there are always people willing to vote against their own self-interest..."

I wonder if this group hasn't heard that Bachmann's husband thinks that gays are barbarians. And that she thinks it's the same thing as slavery. Way to go shoot yourself in the foot GOProud!

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