Friday, December 16, 2011

7 Facts About Our Veterans That Will Shock The Hell Out Of You


MotivatedinOhio said...

That is just terrible.  I hate the way we treat our veterans.

Amber Ladeira said...

Sadly, dear Underground, none of these horrid stats shocked me; I'm acquainted with
a man who has devoted a great deal of time trying to improve the terrible plight of the
Atomic Vets (-those exposed in the 1950s at home and on tiny atolls). My daughter
volunteers locally at a vet house, organized like Ronald McDonald House,  which puts
up vet loved ones while vets are being hospitalized, etc.

As much as I bitterly oppose most of the USA's foreign "adventures", I DO SUPPORT
our vets.  We really should separate the soldiers from their higher-ups, who put them
in danger all too often for the wrong reasons. We also must increase their benefits
and pay--otherwise, how is this a just society? (Other reasons spring to mind....)

Take Care. On to a better year in 2012!

Underground Politics said...

I do too.

Underground Politics said...

It is really sad how we treat our heroes.