Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Roe v. Wade: An American Decision For Freedom And Liberty

Roe v. Wade: An American Decision For Freedom And Liberty: "Anti-abortion fanatics have really had a field day since Republicans took over the House of Representatives, several governorships, and many state legislatures. Anti-abortion laws are being proposed and passed in every red state and even the U.S. House has passed anti-women and anti-contraceptive bills. The cause of all this is their disagreement with a Supreme Court case known as Roe v. Wade. The right-wing has been claiming for decades that Roe v. Wade was a liberal decision made by a liberal court. But is this the case?

In the decades since Roe v. Wade was handed down, conservatives have been making the claim that the court was liberal. Evangelical conservatives in particular have been prepared to use violence and the threat of violence to express their hatred of the decision. There are many aspects to this issue that we must examine. The makeup of the court, the Constitution, and religion are explored. To begin this examination, however, we must first know some of the background of this case....."


MotivatedinOhio said...

If they don't want abortions, they have to stop teaching abstinence only, because abstinence does seem to work in practice.

Underground Politics said...

For sure. But I doubt it will change any time soon because they have their heads in the sand over this.