Monday, December 19, 2011

Rogue Nation USA

Rogue Nation USA: "Which country refuses to sign international treaties and ignores UN resolutions while demanding that everyone else play by the rules? You guessed it.

Quick—no peeking. Who was the last American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

I try this in front of audiences, including quite "concerned," liberal ones, all the time. It's shocking to hear the enveloping silence that falls. All right—it was Jody Williams in conjunction with her organization, the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines. Now why is it that so few people know that? It's not as if the American press doesn't print prominent annual coverage of US Nobel laureates, and it's not as if the Peace Prize goes very often to an American citizen...."


MotivatedinOhio said...

The United States has not been living up to it's ideals.

Underground Politics said...

Not at all. And we expect people to act how we tell them when we don't act the way we want them too. It's pretty messed up.