Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Woe Unto Me

At this point in this holiday season, I'm pretty tired of hearing Christians belly ache about being 'discriminated' against over Christmas. They discriminate against a lot of different types of people, year around. It's about time they had a taste of their own medicine. Especially when they don't realize what they do to other people is discrimination. And I'd like to point out that Christianity isn't the only religion in this country who gets discriminated against. Christians don't have it as badly as others first of all. Islam has it the worst. There were many pieces of legislation this year that discriminated against them because of Sharia law, even though Jews have Mosaic law. Both of which are very similar. I believe even a few pieces of legislation said that only certain sizes of groups of Muslims were aloud to meet together on the streets. Now that, is some hardcore discrimination. Apparently they forgot about the Civil Rights Movement.

If Christians what to have their nativity scenes, that's fine with me. But I think that they should stay off of public property. And if they want it on public property so badly, then they should have every other major religion on display too. But I really feel that none of them should be displayed on public property. We have separation of Church and State for a reason and it seems that this line has become quite blurred. This country was founded on freedom of religion so that people would be free from religious persecution and that is not what is happening today. As this year has gone on, it's become more apparent how many types of people are discriminated by Christians: Women, Muslims, Gays and countless others. Christians sit there and bitch about being discriminated against when it comes to Christmas but I feel like they brought it upon themselves.

It's Christians who sit there and tell people who they should act, think, live, breathe and feel about all sorts of things. While they themselves don't always live up to their talk. No one likes to be told these things or have them shoved down their throat. It would be really nice if they got this concept and just stopped doing it. I've never had any other religion try and do this to me. Ever. Only Christians have done it to me and it's why I don't like going to church anymore.

If they want to have people stop discriminating against them, then they need to stop discriminating against other people. I don't think that it would take care of all of the discrimination problems. That will always be around no matter what people do. But I do believe that it would be a huge step forward in helping to reduce how often it happens.
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MotivatedinOhio said...

Christianity is not for telling others how to live, it is to work on oneself and service to others.  

Underground Politics said...

That it is. I wish more of them decided to lead by example instead of always telling people how to live.