Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Young Man's Common Sense: A Question of Ethics Alone?

A Young Man's Common Sense: A Question of Ethics Alone?: ""We've walked away from the high ethics we had during World War II..." That is what Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer recently said on the Dylan Ratigan Show. Think about that statement, "the high ethics we had..." This was during a discussion on the callousness of our soldiers when engaging targets when civilians are present, what we call: "collateral damage".

This begs me to ask a question: do any of these people actually get their World War II history from anywhere but Saving Private Ryan...? For as much completely justified condemnation that’s been leveled at Germany for its bombing campaigns against Warsaw and London and other major European cities, those were as nothing compared to the sheer devastation the US and Great Britain wrought back on the cities of Germany and Japan. Hamburg, Dresden and Tokyo were largely wiped out with fire bombings. Indeed, in one night's firebombing of Tokyo more civilians were killed than in either of the atomic bombings. Those shattered towns in Normandy that our soldiers were fighting the Germans through in Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers? It was the British Royal Air Force and the US Army Air Forces that destroyed those towns in the effort to end a war, and drive the Nazi forces out of Europe altogether...."