Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christian Pastor Calls For Starbucks Boycott Over Gay Marriage Support

Christian Pastor Calls For Starbucks Boycott Over Gay Marriage Support: "A Christian pastor is asking customers to boycott Starbucks due to the company's support of a bill to legalize gay marriage in Washington state, King 5 News reports.

"Christians are upset with Starbucks for turning against God...Starbucks can follow Satan if they want to," Steven Andrew, and evangelical pastor and president of the USA Christian Ministries in California, said in a statement. "However, pastors are to help Christians. Are you on the Lord's side? Will you help the USA be blessed by God?"

The call for the boycott was released Tuesday, a day prior to the bill's passage in Washington's State Senate Wednesday night, according to Reuters...."

I wonder if this means they're also going to boycott the other 100 companies also backing this bill?


MotivatedinOhio said...

Starbucks is not turning against God.  They are showing kindness to people.

Underground Politics said...

Which is what we need more of in this world.

MotivatedinOhio said...

We really do.

Cletis said...

Give me a cup of coffee but please hold the tolerance and respect.

Underground Politics said...

That is pretty much what they're saying!