Friday, July 29, 2011

Who Created The Budget Deficit?


MotivatedinOhio said...

Yesterday, I had a troll following me all day saying that Clinton had a deficit and the Bush tax cuts were only 100B.  Today, I went to the conservative (but not crazy) to check out this.  And they debunked it.  It came from Rupert Murdoch's WSJ.  If Murdoch is putting this shit out all over, what is going to happen?  The country is screwed.  

Underground Politics said...

That's just crazy. I wonder what Murdoch is getting for publishing these lies :|

Eric Straatsma said...

Faux News and other ultra right wing Conservative blogs, media outlets are saying the deficit and debt is 100% created ONLY by Democrats, and specifically by President Obama. 

He also committed all of the sins since the beginning of time, and will be guilty of all sins until JC comes back. 

According to some of these 'commentators', President Obama is the AntiChrist himself. 

Some of these Conservative shock jocks are calling for assassination of the President. So if someone goes and actually does it, they can sit back and say they had nothing to do with it. Their hands are clean.. 

Why are the public airwaves so filled with garbage and toxic pollution; verbal as well as written and seen? 

We could be spending time on talking about ACTUAL SOLUTIONS, instead of blame, guilt, anger and fear. 

The corporations who own all of these media where all of this minutia, lies, spin and emotional garbage is spewed are laughing all the way to the bank, while confusing people and dividing them with their corporate sponsored spin machines. 

Meanwhile, in the secrecy of darkness, behind the scenes, where they cannot be seen in the light of day, APEC is writing the laws on behalf of the corporations, which are then passed by all states and federal government on their behalf. 

Guess what? ALL of these laws are anti US citizen, anti freedom and anti democracy. 

This should be pissing all of us off, and getting us together to throw these bums out of the public airwaves that they have contaminated and polluted completely with filth, lies and propoganda. 

It should be creating enough anger that both parties who are bought and paid for by corporations get canned and replaced by the Green Party, which accepts NO CORPORATE DONATIONS. 

This situation should be creating a tidal wave of activism where millions get involved and change the laws that made corporations legal 'people', who have unlimited money and can never die, but with none of the downsides. 

Corporations should not have access to the halls of power. They have used this access to send an army of lobbyists and campaign 'contributions' which corrupts the process of democracy and freedom, making it an empty shell, with nothing left inside except rot and darkness. 

Wake up people... it is time to take our country back.. While we are at it, we can create a world that seven future generations can live in. If we leave this to corporations, they will make sure that a couple of generations from now, there will not be anything worth passing on to them. 

Underground Politics said...

You make a lot of good points Eric. I've also gotten into discussions with RWNJs about some of the things you mentioned and they can never back their thoughts up.

The American people need to hit the streets and we need to let these people know we wont stand for their gimmicks anymore. We really need to do something before it's too late.