Thursday, December 8, 2011

Report: Air Force dumped remains of 274 troops in landfill

Report: Air Force dumped remains of 274 troops in landfill: "The incinerated partial remains of at least 274 American troops were dumped in a Virginia landfill, according to government records, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Air Force officials said that the dumping was hidden from families who had given authorization for the remains to be disposed of in a respectful and dignified manner, according to the newspaper.

There were no plans to inform families, officials told the newspaper...."


MotivatedinOhio said...

I saw that.  I am disgusted.  As much as Bush/Cheney said they respected the troops, this is what they did with remains.  Terrible.

Underground Politics said...

It is very terrible. I can't believe we put our heroes in a fucking DUMP!

MotivatedinOhio said...

This is what the right really think about the people defending our country.  This stopped when President Obama became President.

Underground Politics said...

I'm really glad it did!