Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who's Winning the War on Abortion, Birth Control, and Sex?

Who's Winning the War on Abortion, Birth Control, and Sex?: "In the last year, the anti-abortion movement has become more open about its antiwoman, anti-sex goals--and the pro-choice movement has found some unlikely allies.

This was the year politicians and women’s groups started using “war on women” to refer to the Republican obsession with regulating uteruses. So if it’s a war, who’s winning?

The answer, frustratingly, is no one. This year saw the cementing of a consensus that neither side particularly likes: Abortion is still legal, but Republicans are doing an ever-better and more innovative job of making it as odious, expensive and shaming as possible to obtain. Although every side needs a sense of urgency to rally the troops, the good-ish news is that the federal court system helped hold back the tide on the worst laws. And for better or worse, anti-choicers got more honest than they’ve ever been about their hostility to birth control, which is used and supported by the vast majority of Americans..."


MotivatedinOhio said...

These people are just crazy.  Birth Control for goodness sake?

Underground Politics said...

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.